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Daily Market Report All APMC – Agriculture Marketing Updates

Daily Market Report All APMC - Agriculture Marketing: Research and Information Network (MRIN) ISAM's sub-scheme was launched in March 2000 to provide electronic connectivity to the country's wholesale markets. The objective is to collect, analyze and disseminate market information to farmers, traders, policy makers and other stakeholders. More than 3200 markets are covered under this scheme and more than 2700 markets are reporting data on Agmarknet portal. The scheme covers more than 350 commodities and 2000 varieties.

Market or mandi- Farmers can get instant access to mandi prices for current trade prices along with their produce, market conditions and quantity. Farmers can also see the price trends of their produce and plan the sale of their produce. The farmer can get the last 3-updates on market transactions on any agricultural commodity at any time. Data sources - AGMARKNET and NCEDX.

Agricultural Advice - This is a crop specialized advisory service for various agro-climatic zones. These advices and warnings are provided on the basis of research by industry experts; Our agricultural advisors guide rural farmers to take necessary and corrective measures based on prevailing weather conditions.

Ask our experts - this “IFFCO Farmer” is the USP of Indian Farmer Agriculture Application. Through this facility, farmers can talk to industry agronomists and get agricultural advice at 1-click. It is very useful for farmers who have difficulty writing; e They can just take a photo of the plant or related area / disease and send our experts to study the problem through application. Our experts will provide individualized agricultural solutions by voice call.

Gyan Bhandar - An agricultural information library for farmers to get all the important agricultural information related to crops, agricultural cycle, preparation of agricultural sector, water management, management of agricultural diseases and agricultural activities

Helplines - Farmers can access the exclusive IKSL ‘534351’ agricultural helpline service through the “IFFCO Green SIM Card” to reach IKSL specialists and also OneTouch connectivity with the Kisan Call Center Services “18001801551” number from the IFFCO Kisan application. KCC is an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. It is managed by IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited

Marketplace - This facility is a buyer and seller meeting platform, where the buyer or seller can record his / her buying or selling needs. This will help them to buy or sell faster with more profitability.

The scheme is being implemented by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection with the technical assistance of the National Informatics Center (NIC) and in collaboration with the State Agricultural Marketing Board / Directors and APMCs.

See Daily Market Report All APMC: Click Here

List of State Agricultural Marketing Boards/Directorates: Click Here

Market information on prices and arrivals of farm produce etc. is very important for farmers to make proper production and marketing decisions. The existence and dissemination of complete and accurate market information is key to achieving both operational and pricing functionality in a marketing system.

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