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Download Mparivahan App for Vehicle Full Detail

Download a Mparivahan App for a Vehicle Full in a Detail.

Provides access to transportation services to the citizens through a mobile-based application. This app empowers citizens with instant access to the various information, services, and utilities related to transportation in a sector. Aim to bring convenience and transparency to the system. 

Full feature of the  mparivahan app :

- Owner's name

- Date of the registration

- Registration in a  Authority

- Build a model

- Type of the fuel

- Age of the vehicle

- Vehicle class

- Insurance validity

- Fitness validity

All of this information will be displayed in the details..MParivahan in The main advantages of this app are -Get a details of the any parked, accidental or a stolen vehicle just by a entering in the registration number. Check your car registration in a detail. Check in the details of the second hand vehicle. If you want to the  buy a second hand car you can check in the age and registration in a details. With the above features, you can also check D L details and create a virtual D L and RC In this application. citizens.

It is a real government application for an All India R T O in a  Vehicle Registration Number Search. It is a provides complete information about cars like in this.

Download Mparivahan App from here

The Ministry of the Road Transport and the Highways (NORTH) has issued an advisory to the states to accept in the driving license, registration certificate, or other documents in an 'electronic form' submitted by a Digi locker or mParivahan platform as valid under in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and with them. The equivalent of  the certificates issued by the transport in a  authorities, "according to a statement from in the ministry.

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