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S B I becomes India is a most valuable listed in a P S U.

S B I becomes India is a most valuable listed in a P S U.

State Bank of the India (S B I), in a India's largest bank, has become in the most valuable listed public sector are undertaking (P S U) after a surpassing Life Insurance Corporation of the India's (L I C) market capitalization (market cap)

S B I shares jumped almost 7 per cent. This took a market capitalization of the bank to the Rs 4,53,727.26 crore at the 2:10 pm on Wednesday (July 13). At the same time, L I C 's market cap was at the Rs 4,35,570.97 crore

The state-owned a P S U  bank has become in the seventh largest company in the overall market-cap ranking of the listed companies on the B S E. L I C are slipped to the  number eight in the list with a market cap of the  Rs 4.38 trillion, in the B S E in a  data showed.

In a past one month, S B I stock has a rallied by more than a 17 per cent. During in the same time in a period, L I C's stock has a gained 4 per cent. B S E Sen-sex has been up by a 7.6 per cent during in the same period.

In a fact, in last one week S B I has a gained almost a 5 per cent. There was a decline of the  4 per cent in a L I C 's share price.

Since it is a listing on May 17, 2022, L I C has a lost around 1.15 lakh crore market in a cap. But during in the same period S B I 's market cap got a flip of the Rs 36,367 crore, as per B S E in  a  data.

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