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Do not lose to your mind over thinning hair! Fix it with in these 5 home remedies.

Do not lose to your mind over thinning hair! Fix it with in these 5 home remedies.

Thinning hair can cause a concern, but with in the help of some home remedies, you can be try to the promote hair growth.


The monsoon season gives rise to the several in a problems related to the hair, and hair fall tops them all! There is no doubt in that seasonal changes are one of the major reasons behind hair problems. But even hair thinning is a turning out to be the culprit behind weak hair strands and increased hair breakage. Let us know about a causes and some home remedies of  the thinning hair.

What is the reason behind thinning hair?

1. Aging

As you grow older, you see a visible signs of  the change in your hair thickness. What was a once a thick ponytail, may be start a looking like only a thin rope like a hairdo. We should know that hair is made of the protein, and the average lifespan of a hair follicle is 2 to 7 years. That is when in the hair falls off naturally, leaving space for a new hair to the grow. However, with a age, in  the hair becomes less dense and also a loses its co-lour, causing graying. Many hair follicles also a stop producing new hair, leading to thinning hair.

2. Androgenic Alopecia

This is one of the most common reasons for a thinning hair among men and women. It is a leads to hair becoming thinner in a strange M-shaped pattern – at the temple (side of the head) and in the crown (top part) areas of the head. A receding hairline is a typically a sign of the androgenic especial.

3. Female Pattern Hair Loss (F P H L )

Women use a lot of the  hair chemicals which can be lead to the  thinning hair. But F P H L is a pattern-based hair loss mechanism which can begin when a woman is in her 40 s, 50 s or 60 s. Here, the frontal hairline is not a affected, unlike in a alopecia. Thinning hair in this situation, happens on the top or a crown of the scalp.

Home remedies for a thinning hair

1. Hair massage

Giving to your scalp an a invigorating scalp massage is a helpful in a increasing the hair’s thickness. This can be a stimulate in the cells and improve blood circulation, there by increasing in the thickness of the hair slowly and steadily.

2. Am la

The Indian gooseberry is a treasure trove of the  benefits for a health and beauty. To combat thinning hair, use a dry gooseberry powder to the  shampoo to your hair. You may alternatively use it as hair tonic to make in the most of the am-la benefits for a hair.

3. Shikakai

Shikakai is a another natural wonder ingredient used for a stronger and thicker hair. Shikakai powder can be a used to the  promote hair growth and even avoid a hair fall.

4. Brahmi

Brahmi is yet another age-old remedy people use to the strengthen hair follicles. Use a hair oil containing Brahmi to the increase hair growth. The alkaloids in a Brahmi work like a magic to make a hair stronger and thicker.

5. Fenugreek

We have all heard about in the benefits of the  met hi seeds for a thinning hair. Fenugreek comes packed with a protein and iron, which are useful for a hair growth.

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