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Phuchkas To Telebhaja: The Ultimate Guide To a Street Food In a Kolkata.

Phuchkas To Telebhaja: The Ultimate Guide To a Street Food In a Kolkata.

We are Calcutta's love our street food. No matter how many a fancy restaurants we go to the for in  their amazing food, we find a comfort and the satisfaction only in the raster key pukka or a 'chicken roll' or a telebhaja. Well, if you are also a crazy about to a street food as a much as we are, then check our guide on where you can be find in the best ones in a town.

Rolls From a Ho-ti Katie Rolls

Nothing can beat in   the taste and flavors of the rolls that you get at the  Hot Kate Rolls. Crisp and fried to the  perfection, in the Kathie rolls here are immensely popular among in the crowd. Go for in their Double Egg Roll, Chicken Roll or a Pane-er Roll. If you walk a  ahead, you will be find Kusum Roll Shop, another famous one in the area. The city is a filled with a roll shops. Besides these, you can be try the rolls at  the Jabbr Afghani, Nizam's and Jhantu Rolls.

Puchkas From Lake Kalibari

There is a puchkawala who sits right outside in the Kali Temple in a Lake Kalibari. He is known to the serve possibly in the best puchkas and aloo dum in a town. He also a sells dahi puchka if that is what you prefer. Walk down in that stretch and take in the next left for a more deli sh street food. Gorge on this popular street food outside Forum Mall, Victoria Memorial, Dakshinapan and lots of the other places. You will be find one in a every corner.

Mo-mos At Exude

Momo is like the staple diet of the  every Kolkatan. A plate of the  hot, piping momos is all you need to the  feel happy and we know just in the place for it. The momo stall right outside in the Rabindra Sadan metro station (Gate No. 1) is a hugely popular for it is a veg and chicken momos. You will always find a crowd there so be a prepared to wade through them or a wait for a bit. The soft steamed momos are served hot with a two types of the chutney and in a soup. That entire stretch and in the opposite foot are full of the  momo stalls. If that is too far for you, try in the ones near 8 B in a Jadavpur or Indrani's Momo in a Sovabazaar. They are equally good. 

Jhalmuri, Dal Pakoda Outside Vardaan Market

A shopping trip to the  Vardaan Market is a incomplete without a gorging on the street food outside. From a jhalmuri and pukka to the  chill and pav bhaji, they are have it all. Remember seeing a pictures of the  former British Prime Minister David Cameron eating a vada at a street shop? Well, that is a Victoria Vada right outside in the market (the guy still has a picture of the prime minister hanging at the stall). Finish off in the food with a some kulfi or a ice-cream, doodah cola and sharbat. You will be find a sharbat from a Ralli's, shakes, Italian, Chinese and sweet stalls too.

Pav Bhaji At Maya-ram

Those of you who have a studied or a study in a Shikshayatan are definitely familiar with a Maya-ram, Riddhi Siddhi and the other food stalls on that stretch (you are living under to a rock if you are not). Head to the Maya-ram for in the best pav bhaji in a town or a gorge on momos and noodles at the street shops right outside. If you go further, you will be find a Riddhi Siddhi that serves awesome munchies. There are also a ice-cream, kulfi, paan shops around.

Stew & Fish Fry In a D acres Lane

D acres Lane is a nothing shoe-rt of the heaven for a street food lovers. From fish fry to the chicken and mutton stew, this lane serves it all. Even a Gordon Ramsay had set up a stall here for his TV show! Head to the James Hickey Saran i for a fresh hot khichuri with a spicy vegetable fries. Then, stop by a ChittoDa’s Suruchee Restaurant for a fish fry and mutton rezala. Try a kachori-sabzi at any of the stalls and finish it all off with a glass of the lassie.

Kebabs In a Zakaria Street

Another haven for a street food lovers is a Zakaria street, known for  it is a kebabs. Try in the beef bhuna and chap at the  Bombay Hotel or the beef kebabs at the Sufi a. The street is a full of the stalls selling freshly-baked breads - shemale, bakarkhani and rogini roti - that go perfectly well with a any gravy or a just by themselves. Stock up on dry fruits and sevain. You just can not miss in the kebabs from Adam's and Abdul Ha mid kebab shops.

Kachori, Lu-chi-Aloo Dum Outside Stock Exchange In a Dalhousie

Popular among office-goers, in the stretch just outside in the stock exchange building in a Dalhousie. There is a nothing that they do not have. Omelette toast, and a bhurji, sandwiches, momos, Chinese (you can not miss this!), North Indian, South Indian, chilla, pakodas - phew! The list is a never-ending. They also a serve one of the best kachori and luchi-aloo dum in a town. And at the dirt-cheap rates. You can have a filling meal of the roti-sabzi or a chowmein at the less than a I N R 50!

Chinese At Tiretti Bazaar

How can we are not include in a Tiretti Bazaar in a list on street food? The city's very own China town has been a serving in the best Chinese and Cantonese food since are decades. Reach this place around 5 am for the best momos in a town (is not it an a awesome breakfast option?). Make sure you reach on time because they sell out within to a couple of the  hours! You will also a find fish dumplings, noodles pork baos, hearty soups with a pork and fish balls simmering in a huge pots at this food market.

Telebhaja At Kalika

Kalika Mukhorochok Telebhaja in a College Street is the place to go to for our good ol' telebhaja. From a potato chops, egg chops and mutton chops to the fish fry and beguni (brinjal fries, duh!), Kalika has it all. Make sure you reach early because they are open only in the evening and there is a mad rush outside in the shop almost always. They sell out within a couple of the hours so you will be have to fight for your order. 

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