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Area Calculator For Land And All Detail about Land

The best tool of calculator field, perimeter or area meter on map: easy to use and useful for estimate dimension of land on the map includes :

- Use the latest GPS and location service technical for a good assessment result
- Easy to search desired place
- Process of metrology to output is a land dimension of field, estimate distance of a route
- Define the outline of a field on ground by click on map then calculate superficies, circumferential, and distance around your region

- Measure perimeter instant, estimate perimeter to calculate outside of region, area, or even country
- Details of an outer edge between points which selected on screen
- Proximate distance and far distance, estimate distance with high computation accuracy
- Land metrology, measure field for a farmer, calculate acreage on map
- Realtime tracking and calculating when moving in orbit around
- It is a ground meter tool and meterage for map
- Compute on map with high accuracy fast and reliable

- Easy way to drag and drop location or point on ground by long click on a marker.
- Able to resize area and custom area
- Save your area calculation in details and easy to inspect each measure dimension
- Live tracking your route when you go every day
- The measuring unit is flexible for choice
- It is a land survey for anyone

How to use :
- Click on an add point icon then click on a map to create a point base on latitude and longitude
- Define the multiple marker points for calculation, the information of area include marker, polyline, polygons and calculation result appear immediately
- Select map type icon to change between type: none, normal, hybrid, terrain, and satellite type to look visually

અગત્યની લીંક

હોમપેજઅહી જુઓ
ઓનલાઈન અરજીઅહી જુઓ
સત્તાવાર વેબસાઇટઅહી જુઓ

- Click on a remove icon then click on a desired marker to remove it out map.
- Touch on a clear icon to clear all marker, polygon, polyline on map
- When you want to real-time measurement you just click on a live icon then move around to take effect.

- Then after got everything you need and you want to save current working, you click on save icon to save on cache for re-use purpose.
- Click on a polyline to have a mini-tour around points
Area calculator for land applies material design to improve more user experience.
Application is useful for geologists and farmer or simply anyone use for route tracking every day
If you would like to see this app translated into your language, please email us. Technical Note:
- GPS and location services base on the latest location technical.

The accuracy of location is relying on Network Connection and GPS mode.
- If the accuracy is too low app will ignore the result, so please double check when you see the point
random change big enough then make sure GPS in High Accuracy mode,
Network Connection or Mobile connection on and Location permission enable.

Area Calculator For Land uses Google Maps™ and google location service to measure so the position and place rely on the accuracy of the data provided by Google Maps™ developer make no assurance on the accuracy, relevancy, or correctness of the data provided by the application.
Google™ and Google Maps™ have registered trademarks of Google Inc.

If you want details about Gujarat iORA Integrated Online Revenue Applications Iora Gujarat Gov In (Iora), you have come to the right place. This service provided by the government includes various online services of the revenue department. The department has undertaken compulsorily to digitize land records online for easy maintenance and upkeep of data. Crores of papers are scanned, classified, validated and uploaded to the portal as part of the stored data.

Why may land information be collected?

There are various reasons why land information is collected. Its main reason is tax and revenue generation as it is the main source of revenue for the government. A land survey conducted in 1960 established land records. Iora Gujarat – Integrated Online Revenue Application is an online portal developed by the government where you can get land details of 225 talukas and 26 districts of Gujarat. It includes all changes in land due to transfer, sale, hire, inheritance, distribution and many other reasons.

Land records can be checked online

Anyone can check their land record online without paying any extra fee. It has also facilitated any services like ROR (Right to Registration), RFMS (Revenue File Monitoring System), GARVI (Automation of Administration of Registration, Assessment and Index), and IRCMS (Integrated Revenue Case Management System).

Functions of Integrated Online Revenue Application Portal

Farmer Authorization Certificate

Application relating to Sub Registrar Office

Applications relating to land survey

Notice of Inheritance

Inheritance Notification (City Survey Office)

Village Sample No. 7 Defect Correction

Non-farm with non-farm premium

Permission to pay premium

Non-cultivation permit

Certificate of bona fide industrial purpose

Permission to purchase land

Certificate of claim for variable area

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