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Cow Assistance Scheme: If you have a cow at home, you will get assistance of Rs 10,800/-.

 The occupation of most of the people of Gujarat state is agriculture and animal husbandry. And people of Gujarat consider cow as mother. However, cow's milk is very beneficial, and the manure prepared from its excreta is also very useful for farm crops. For this, “Deshi Cow Based Farming Scheme” has been started by Gujarat Government. Today, through this article, we will get complete information about Gujarat Government's Cow Assistance Scheme 2022.

Cow Assistance Scheme

The Gujarat government in a press release said that with the aim of doubling the income of the farmers of the state and for the farmers to do completely natural farming based on native cows, the sensitive Chief Minister of the state Vijay Rupani has given the assistance of Rs. An important decision has been made to give mass.

Cow Aid Scheme Information

Name of the scheme Cow Sahay Yojana

Advertiser Gujarat Govt

Amount of assistance Rs.900/- per month for maintenance of one cow to the farming family.

Valid website

સહાય કેટલી મળશે ?

શી ગાય આધારિત પ્રાકૃતિક ખેતી કરતા ખેડૂત કુટુંબને એક ગાય માટે નિભાવ ખર્ચ પેટે રૂપિયા 900/- પ્રતિમાસ વાર્ષિક રૂ. 10,800/-ની વાર્ષિક મર્યાદામાં ચૂકવવામાં આવશે.

Eligibility to apply

  • The applicant must be a farmer
  • Applicant should be from Gujarat state.
  • Applicant farmer should own one indigenous cow with identification tag.
  • The beneficiary farmer should have a land or forest rights record.
  • The farmer should be doing natural farming with cow dung and urine.
  • A beneficiary will be eligible for assistance as per Account Form No. 8-A.
  • The farmer should have received training from master trainers in natural agriculture.

Evidence required to apply
aadhar card
7/12 Excerpts from 8-A
Bank passbook
Ration card
An example of caste
Tag number of the cow
An example is if a member of a milk producer association.

How to Apply Form...?

First open Google Chrome and type ikhedut.
Where the official website of Ikhedut Portal has to be opened.
Now after opening Khedut Website click on “Plan” appearing on Home Page.
After clicking on Yojana, you have to click on number-1 'Atmani Prakritik Krishi Yojana' on other schemes.

Now a new page will open in which you have to click on 'Apply' in front of 'Scheme (2022-23) to provide assistance in maintenance cost for one cow to the farmer family doing full natural farming based on desi cow.
Are you a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered then “Yes” and if you have not done then no.

If the farmer has registered, after entering the Aadhar Card and Mobile Number, the application has to be done by entering the Captcha Image.
If the beneficiary has not registered on the ikhedut portal, he has to apply online by selecting 'No'.

After that you have to click on click to apply again.
After filling the complete information by the applicant, click on Save Application.
The application has to be confirmed by carefully checking the details in the online form.
Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the Application Number.

Finally, the farmer beneficiary will be able to get a print based on his application number after applying online.

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