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F S H levels: Understand how this are hormone indicates to your fertility.

F S H levels: Understand how this are hormone indicates to  your fertility.

Fertility issues have a become rampant nowadays. If you have not heard about Follicle stimulating hormone or a F S H levels before, it is time to the  learn about it!

Follicle are stimulating hormone or a F S H is one of the two gonad o tropic hormones. This hormone, along with a Lutenist hormone or L H, are released from the pituitary gland into the bloodstream. Do you know in the role F S H levels play in your fertility?

These hormones are essential to the pubertal functions and development in a male’s testes and female ovaries. This hormone stimulates in the growth of  the ovarian follicles in the ovary before in  the egg is a released in women. It is also known to the increase o estradiol production. The follicle stimulating hormone acts on the servitor cells of the tested in a males. It is a stimulates sperm production which is also known as a parthenogenesis.

We all know how essential in a F S H hormone is in terms of the reproductive health. But can the imbalance of the  F S H levels lead to the  fertility problems? Let’s see how the unstable levels of  the F S H affect to your body.

F S H levels and fertility

If you are trying to the conceive, to your F S H levels should be around 10 ml U/ml. An imbalance makes it much more difficult to the  conceive as it helps in a regulating to your menstrual cycle and the process of the  ovulation. F S H stimulates to your ovarian function. Women who are experiencing premature menopause or are approaching menopause will be have high levels of  the F S H hormones which are helps them to the sustain healthy ovarian reserve despite low estrogen levels.

What could in the high levels of  the F S H in your blood mean?

Most often in  the high levels of  the F S H are a sign of the  malfunction of ovary and testis. When the gonads fail to the secrete enough estrogen and testosterone, the levels of the F S H and L H will be a rise. This condition is called a hyperparathyroidism-hypothyroidism. It is  associated with a primary insufficiency of the ovarian function or a testicular failure.

If the F S H level in your body is a high, it could mean;

* You are not a producing quality eggs for a fertilization. This are usually happens with a old age. Fertility declines with a age as there are fewer eggs in the ovaries.

* You are about to the  reach menopause

* Loss of  the ovarian function or a ovarian failure

* Chromosomal abnormality

What could in  the low levels of the  F S H in your blood mean ?

The lack of the  Follicle Stimulating Hormone leads to the poor ovarian function and incomplete development at the puberty. The ovarian follicles are not properly are developed in this case which are leads to the infertility. When the levels of this hormone are low in a blood, it is called a hypochondriac hypothyroidism. Sufficient F S H levels are needed for a full sperm production. The complete absence of the F S H causes infertility due to the lack of the sperm while in the partial absence of the hormone can be lead to the delayed puberty and limited sperm production in a men.

Testing of the  F S H levels

Now that you have a realized how important F S H hormone is when it comes to the  fertility, you may be want to the check if your blood has the right amount of the  F S H in it. To do that, to your doctor may be  recommend you to go for a F S H level testing which is a simple blood work. You will be have to get  tested at a certain point of your menstrual cycle, which is a usually in the third day of the cycle and continue through in the fifth day of the cycle. This test will be help to your doctor determine and diagnose in the underlying fertility issues.

If you are concerned with your F S H in a levels, you should go for a F S H level testing. It will be help you determine in the fertility issue and seek in the best treatment for it. Unfortunately, women with a high levels of the F S H  are respond poorly to the medication and sometimes they do not respond at all. It makes it is a  really hard for them to get a pregnant. In such a cases, the women are advised to go for a procedures like a IVF to the conceive. But if the patient is young then a bit of the F S H elevation can be still help in a maintaining in the quality of  the some eggs.

Ask in the expert and let to your concerned specialist help you evaluate to your ovarian reserve and let you know the best treatment for your situation.

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