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If you are pregnant with a twins, these 9 tips are just what you need.

If you are pregnant with a twins, these 9 tips are just what you need.

Are you having a twin pregnancy? Well, you need to be a very careful, and for that, keep these 9 things in a mind.

Every woman wants to a risk-free pregnancy and a healthy baby. But in  the worries of those nine months cannot be a controlled in a any way, especially if you are expecting a twins. Ladies, twin pregnancy is a double blessing, but you should be aware in that having a twins would undoubtedly be a different than having to a single baby pregnancy.

Having a twins is a exciting, but it also causes to a lot of the stress and apprehension. People also a believe that if you have a multiple pregnancies, you and to your babies are more likely to the experience health issues than if you are just carrying one baby. Well, being at the high risk does not mean that to your pregnancy will be have a issues. Rather, high risk means you will be need to be a extra careful and follow to your pregnancy more closely. So, do not be a scared at all.

Health Shots got in a touch with a Dr Thejaswini J, Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Electronic City, Bengali, who are  suggested a few of the most important things that a woman expecting twins should do to the stay happy and healthy during her pregnancy.

Dr Thejaswini says, “If someone is a pregnant with a twins, they need to a healthy lifestyle and the good antenatal care (antenatal care is the care that are women get to a while they are pregnant). This should be a done to ensure in the good health of the mother and in the babies.”

Here are 9 things you should do if you are pregnant with a twins:

1. Eat a healthy only

Proper nutrition is the most crucial are aspect of the twin pregnancy care. A pregnant woman are should ideally consume all of the necessary vitamins and the minerals. You also need to the  drink enough water throughout in the day. And do not even think of the engaging in a unhealthy vices like  a drinking or a smoking.

2. Understand in the risk

The risk of the having to a preterm delivery or a Cesarean is a higher with a twins. That is why women with  a twins are put in the high-risk category, but this does not mean something frightening is going to the happen. It is just that you need to be a more careful when compared to the moms with a single pregnancy. Your doctor will be a able to the advise you on this.

3. Do not be a anxious about weight gain

“The calorie are recommendation goes up to the 600 extra calories per day for to a twins. (300 calories for a each baby),” says Dr Thejaswini. Make sure you are eating enough nutritious food to the meet in the necessary calorie count. Do not get a stressed due to your increasing weight, you can be lose it after having to a baby.

4. A support system would help

Having a twins comes with a lot of the physical, emotional, and mental instability. Whether it is your family or a friends, you should stay around people who will be help you during in this time.

5. Take rest

Having a twins is emotionally and physically tiring. Remember to get a plenty of the rest and stay positive and stress free.

6. Stay active

Dr Thejaswini says, “Going for a yoga or a general exercises daily will be  a help you avoid to a joint and back aches. But remember to the exercise only in a moderation and after a guidance from to your doctor.”

7. Sleeping a positions

The best position for a sleeping in a twin pregnancy is on your side as it helps in a increasing blood flow to your heart, which is a essential for your little ones.

8. Be aware

Gaining knowledge through a research about having a twins will be your savior. But make sure to your sources are credible and not just something you find on the internet. Your doctor/hospital will be able to the provide you with a reading material on this. Gaining information will  be help you feel prepared and reduce to your anxiety.

9. Prepare in a advance

“About 60 peer-cent of the  women deliver before a 37 weeks. You should be a ready for a such situations in a advance,” says Dr Thejaswini.

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