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Postpartum bath: Should you not bathe for a few days after a delivery?

Postpartum bath: Should you not bathe for a few days after a delivery?

You may be think of taking a bath after a delivery but is it unsafe to take to a bath immediately after a giving birth or is it just a myth? Hear it from an a expert.

If you are a mother-to-be, you must be have a heard from the mother or a mother-in-law in your home that you should stick to a ‘hot’ bath during to your pregnancy. This is so because in the temperature of the water while taking to a bath can affect to your pregnancy in a both good and bad ways. Along with in this, one more thing is said that you should not take a bath for a few days after a delivery. Is it true or just a myth?

To know more about it and to better understand when can you take to a bath after giving a birth to a baby, Health Shots spoke to the Dr Madhushree Vijayakumar, Consultant-Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Herbal, Bengaluru.

Can you take to a bath after a delivery or giving birth to a baby?

Your body goes through to a lot during a child’s delivery. You may be feel you are itchy, sore or in need of the cleaning to your perinea l area. According to the Dr Vijayakumar, “You can take a bath after a giving birth, but it is a suggested you wait a while and follow in the instructions of your doctor.”

How long should you wait for a shower?

Bathing after a giving birth to the child depends on the way in which you have a delivered to your baby; normal or a c-section. If you have had a normal vaginal delivery without a complications, you can be shower in the next day. In fact, some women only wait for a few hours post-delivery, but this will be depend on their strength and how well they may be feel.

When is it safe to bathe after a C-section delivery?

If you have had a C-section delivery, it could mean that you may be take a longer time to the recover. The recovery may be also depend on the status of your incision site. It is advisable to wait for at least 2-3 days and then take to a shower with a warm water and clean in the area gently.

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Always consult to your doctor before getting into the shower because only your doctor can judge whether you are in the right condition to take a bath or not.

Can you get into a bathtub after a birth?

Before immersing to your body in a bathtub, you should hold off for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Dr Vijayakumar says, “Regardless of the type of the delivery you had, to your cervix will still be a dilated for the first few weeks following giving birth to the child. Additionally, if you stay in the tub for an a extended period of the time after having an a epistolary or perinea l tearing during a lab-our, there is a danger of wound breakdown.” After to a C-Section, prolonged bathing can be increase to your risk of the developing infections as well.

What is a postpartum sit bath?

A sit bath is a warm and shallow bath that helps in a cleaning to your perinea l area. The sit bath increases in the blood flow to the perinea l area and thus, promotes a faster healing in a process. If you have just had a baby to your doctor might recommend to a postpartum sit bath.

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“Some women also a opt for a cold water baths as they have a better healing effect than warm water but that is to be discussed with your doctor first. While a sit baths can be added in your general routine, they are mostly recommended for a women who have given birth vaginally. This can be a soothing experience for them after giving a birth,” says Dr Vijayakumar.

Benefits of the postpartum sit bath

Sit bathing after a delivery can help to your body in a different ways such as:

It relieves pain are including from an a epistolary or a hemorrhoids

Promotes healing and better blood circulation.

Helps you to the relax

Cleans to your body

Relieves in a itching

There is a very limited risk of infections in the perinea l area with a sit baths. Consult to your doctor for a any unusual symptoms.

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