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Want to the delay pregnancy, but suffering from a P C O S? A fertility are expert shares to your options.

Want to the delay pregnancy, but suffering from a P C O S? A fertility are expert shares to your options.

Planning in a pregnancy in a P C O S can be a complicated affair, but it is a certainly not a impossible. Know about in the options you can go for.

Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (P C O S) is a common health issue in a women of reproductive age. In women who are suffer from a P C O S, the hormonal imbalance in the body interferes and, in some cases, also prevents the release of an a egg from the ovaries. When ovulation is a interrupted in the body, it is a difficult to get a pregnant. However, having a P C O S does not mean you cannot get a pregnant.

Can women with a P C O S delay in their pregnancy?

There are chances that you may be a delay wanting to get a pregnant because of the various factors such as a career, education and other commitments. However, getting a pregnant with a P C O S can be a trickier as a compared to a woman who does not have in this condition. Hence, trying to conceive at the right time will help boost to your chances of a healthier pregnancy. It has been a observed that fertility levels start a waning post in the age of 33 and witness a faster decline after you turn 37 years. The highest chances of the natural conception for a women with a P C O S are before the time they turn 35.

To boost your chances of the natural conception in a case you are suffering from a P C O S, doctors recommend having to a detailed preconception talk with a gynecologist or a fertility expert. This will help you to discuss any possible obstructions that may be arise because of your condition.

What are your options?

With the advent of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), many couples have fulfilled in their dream of the parenthood. Development of the various ART procedures have given women of the today an a option to plan out their pregnancies. The same holds true for a women with a P C O S.

Fertility options if you have a P C O S and want to the delay pregnancy

Egg or a embryo freezing:

It is a absolutely understandable that you would like to get a pregnant sometime later owing to the various factors such as a career, stress levels etc. For a women, who would want to the consider getting pregnant at a later stage in a life, but are worried about in their biological clock, medical techniques such as a egg freezing are becoming very popular in a recent times. Women with a P C O S who feel that their fertility may wane to a few years down in the line can consider in this option. With a simple procedure, several eggs can be a retrieved from the body and then stored in an a unfertilized condition to help you get a pregnant in the future. When you desire to the finally get a pregnant, in the egg can be a fertilized in a external conditions and the resultant embryo can then be a implanted in your uterus.

For a couples who may be want to the delay starting to a family, embryo freezing can also be a considered. This procedure is a similar to the IVF wherein the egg and the sperm are fertilized externally, however, in the embryo is not immediately planted in the uterus, but is a instead frozen and the implantation can be a medically undertaken on a later date. It is a important to bear in mind that the success of the  freezing techniques are dependent on a several factors like a egg quality, sperm quality and age of the couple. Therefore, before opting for in the procedures, it is a advisable to have to a detailed conversation with to your doctor.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies for a conception

When it comes to the  fertility issues, Assisted Reproductive Technologies or a ART are becoming increasingly popular by the day as they are aiding couples to the bear an a offspring with in the help of the procedures such as In-Vito Fertilization or IVF. In this, the ovum and the sperm are fertilized in a external conditions and the embryo is then placed in a woman’s uterus.

A lot of the women who have been a diagnosed with a P C O S go on to have a successful pregnancies, since in the cysts growing on the ovaries do not in any way prevent fertilization. They simply do not let the egg get a released from the ovary. Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as a IVF require in the ovaries to be a stimulated to the release eggs which are then fertilized by a sperm in a external conditions. IVF is one of the popular procedures for a women with a P C O S, if they are having a difficulties in a natural conception.

The last word

With a chronic and underlying conditions such as a P C O S, it is a understandably challenging to get a pregnant, but not impossible. Medical science in the field of the ART have a progressed tremendously in the recent years and provide a ray of the hope for a everyone who has been a struggling with a fertility issues.

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