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5 diabetic friendly idle recipes that are NOT made with a rice.

5 diabetic friendly idle recipes that are NOT made with a rice.

If you are a fan of the idle samba r but avoid it because you have a diabetes, try in these 5 idle recipes that are not made of the rice.

How often have we are heard in that A nil Kapoor is the only actor in a Bollywood who does not age at all? Well, in the key to his youthfulness has long been to a matter of the debate. It is not a secret any a longer, though. He once attributed South Indian cuisine such as a idle, sambhar, and dosa for his eternal youth in an a interview. Without to a doubt, south Indian food is a healthy as it is made of the several health benefiting ingredients like a semolina, rage, rice flour, green gram etc. But when it comes to the diabetic patients, they steer clear of the idle because it is made of the  rice! Since it contains starchy carbohydrates and has to a high hypoglycemic index, it can be cause to a sudden spike in a blood sugar levels.

But what if we say you do not need rice to the  prepare idle? Are you excited to find such a diabetic friendly idle recipes? Read on!

Avni Kaul, who is a nutritionist and to a wellness coach, has a shared 5 home made idle recipes which are that are healthy for a diabetic patients.

Is idle good for a diabetes patients?

Kaul says, “Diabetic idle is an idle that is not made of the rice. It is a instead made of other alternatives to the rice.” Let us look at some of those variants.

Here are 5 idle recipes that can be a eaten by a diabetic, suggested by a Avni Kaul:

1. Mixed a dal idle


A cup of the chopped cabbage, to a cup of the Urad dal, a cup of the Moon g dal, half teaspoon chili powder, few chopped green chilies, one pinch of the aforesaid, two teaspoon ginger, to a few leaves of kadi patta, salt as a per taste.


Wash and soak in the dals for a around 4 hours.

Mix in the dals with a ginger, green chilies, chili powder, aforesaid, and salt using to a mixer.

Add some cabbage, mix a properly and cover it aside for a nearly 20 minutes.

Add two teaspoons of the oil and mix well.

Grease in the idle mold and have to a spoon of the batter in  each mold.

Steam it is using to a steamer for a 15 minutes and serve it.

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2. Marsala oats idle


2 cups of the  oats

2 cups of the curds sour

1 teaspoon of the mustard seeds

2 tablespoons of the urad dal

Half tablespoon of the  chana dal

Half teaspoon of the cooking oil

A couple of the green chilies

2 tablespoons of the carrot grated

Some coriander leaves

A pinch of the turmeric powder

Salt as per as a taste,

Half teaspoon of the eno salt


Dry roast in the oats for a two minutes, cool in the oat and make to a powder using to a mixer, heat the pan using a oil, fry mustard, urad dal, chana dal.

Then add a chopped green chilies, grated carrot and turmeric, fry for a minute, mix them to the oats, then add in the curds, salt to and combine well, put some finely chopped coriander leaves.

Now, add in the eno salt and mix with in the regular idle batter consistency, grease in the idle molds with a oil and fill with a batter

Steam for a around 15-20 minutes and it is a ready.

3. Fox tail millet idle


A cup of the fox tail millet, one and a half cups of white urad dal (Split), one teaspoon of the met hi seeds, and salt as per in the taste.


Wash and soak in the mullets in water in a bowl and urad dal along with a met hi seeds with a sufficient water in a another bowl overnight or keep soaked for a minimum of the  8 hours. Soak all of them separately.

To prepare in the batter, drain in the extra water soaked millet and urad dal.

Blend in the urad dal with a enough water to make it thick and very smooth batter.

Shift in the batter to a large bowl in which you will be set it aside for a fermentation with a ground millet.

Then blend in the fox tail millet with a just enough water to make a smooth batter, add this to the urad dal batter.

Add two teaspoons of the salt and stir properly to the combine.

Ferment in the batter for a 5-6 hours or a overnight.

Once to your batter is a fermented, gently stir and be careful to not a release in the air pockets, grease the idle molds using to a little oil and spoon the fox tail millet idle batter into the molds.

Make in the idle in a steamer using to a little water in the bottom.

Put in the filled idle racks in the steamer, keep in the steamer using to a high heat and steam in the idle for a nearly 10 minutes.

After a 10 minutes of the steaming, turn off the flame, after some time you can remove in the fox tail millet idle from the steamer.

The wholesome homemade fox tail millet idle is now ready to be a served.

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4. Beetroot idle


2 cups of the roasted semolina, water as a needed, salt as a per taste, to a cup of the curd, and to a small beetroot.


Using to a bowl, add roasted semolina, curd and one cup of the water.

Add a little salt as per taste and whisk it well to make to a smooth batter. Keep it aside for a around 10 minutes.

Now peel in  the beetroot and roughly chop into a pieces, add beetroot pieces to a blender and blend to make a paste.

Add in the beetroot paste to your idle batter and mix it well to form a pink batter.

if the batter seems too thick, have a 1/4th cup of the water, grease the idle mounds and put in the batter into the moulds.

Put in the moulds in the steamer and steam for about a 12 minutes.

Once steamed, the beetroot idles are now ready to be a served.

5. Moon g dal-palak idle


A cup of mung dal soaked and drained, a half a cup of the spinach leaves (blanched and chopped), two tablespoons of the curd, two teaspoons of the salt, one teaspoon of the fruit salt and oil for a greasing.


Mix a mung dal, spinach and curd in a blender and form a smooth paste.

Add some salt and fruit salt to the batter before steaming it along with a one tablespoon of the water.

Grease in the idle molds using a minimal oil, place a spoonful of the batter in each mold and steam for about 10 minutes.

Now demount the idles properly and serve it.Enjoy in these unique, but healthy idle recipes!

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